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Gut microbiome is important for human health as gut bacteria have important metabolic and protective functions. Gut bacteria process fermentable fiber which are not digested in stomach and small intestine. Gul bacteria also synthesize important vitamins vitamin K, biotin, and folate, which is needed for blood clotting, and the B vitamins. Its protective function includes maintain intestinal lining that prevent the entry of harmful bacteria in blood stream. The food that we eat greatly affects the gut health by impacting the population of good and bad bacteria. Choosing right food can keep
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“Fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels – and lowers triglyceride levels, too!”
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Age and the Digestive System

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Getting older gives more time to relax and enjoy life but also increases digestive health challenges. Studies suggest nearly 40% of older adults have one or more age-related digestive symptoms. Constipation becomes a common problem with ageing due to the number of age-related factors highlighted below: Ageing changes bowel habits leading to constipation with symptoms of infrequent, difficult or painful bowel movements and hard, dry stool.Ageing slows down muscle contraction that pushes the food through the digestive tract. It reduces the food movement and increases water absorption through
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Stress and Digestive Health

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According to Faith Dickerson, our brain and gut are more in synchronization than we may realize. The gut is often referred to as ‘the second brain’ of the body. For instance, the very thought of food can cause the stomach to produce digestive juices. The brain and gut are in constant communication with each other. This direct relationship sensitizes our gastrointestinal system to emotions and its reactions such as stress. The condition of the gastrointestinal tract and therefore a person’s overall digestive health can often be traced to their state of mind. In fact, emotional stress can wreak
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Fermented Foods and Digestive Health

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What are Fermented Foods? Fermentation produces some of the world’s favourite foods and beverages like wine, beer, yogurt and even chocolate and coffee. Fermentation prolongs the freshness of grains, vegetables and milk during different seasons. Fermented foods are also considered easy to digest and have great health benefits. Pickles, raw cheese, yogurt, apple cider vinegar are good examples of fermented food.   What is Fermentation? Fermentation is a natural process through which micro-organisms like yeast and bacteria convert carbs — such as starch and sugar — into alcohol or acids. The
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“Fiber helps reduce cholesterol levels – and lowers triglyceride levels, too!”
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Fiber’s role in fixing constipation

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 On an average, 20% Indians suffer from constipation. Can a wheat based fiber be a solution for it ? On an average, 20% Indians suffer from constipation. It is difficult to have a universal definition of constipation as bathroom habits differ from person to person. We can say that dry hard and difficult to pass stool are the primary signs of constipation. Weekly frequency of bowel movements is also used as a measure of constipation. If a person has less than three bowel movements a week then they can be diagnosed with constipation. A common piece of advice to treat constipation is to consu
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What’s in your gut? How fiber can help with digestion

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They say, “trust your gut feeling.” But before you put your faith in your gut, you might want to consider what else you’re putting in there, too! After all, your gut – or digestive system, often called the “second brain” in terms of health and wellness – is the main source of contact between you and the rest of the world. In fact, it represents almost 70% of your immune system. So how does fiber help digestion? Soluble fiber – the type found in myfy fiber supplement – actually helps support your gut health and your immune system by promoting the growth of beneficial prebiotic bacteria and
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