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How Fiber Plays An Important Role In Controlling blood sugar level

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Eat more Veggies and Cereals? Have you been hearing this since your childhood days? Of Course, a lot of us have heard this but ignored it. Do you know the fact that most fruits, vegetables and cereals are rich in fiber? Dietary fiber is best known for its ability to keep the digestive system healthy by slowing the absorption of sugar and fats from food.

"Fiber promotes good bowel health, lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease, and also controls your blood sugar in a certain way," explains Amy Kranick. As a result, it means that when the fiber is digested, our body handles it differently than the way it handles proteins or carbohydrates. The portion of the fiber passes out of our body simply without causing a spike in the blood sugar level. This helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.

Benefits of including fiber in your diet:

Improves Blood sugar levels

Including High fiber foods helps in keeping blood sugar steady. In people with diabetes soluble fiber slows down the sugar absorption process keeping the digestive system healthy. Consuming myfy i.e rich in soluble fiber blend maintains blood sugar level and controls pre-diabetic sugar.

Uplifts Weight loss 

Consuming foods rich in fiber tend to be more filling than other foods. So it's likely that it stays for a longer period in the stomach than the usual ones. As these foods have lower calories for the same volume, it may cause you to eat less. Due to this, it creates a caloric deficit which leads to weight loss. For diabetic patients, having more weight is a risk factor. So ultimately it plays an important role in boosting weight loss.

Prevents Heart Disease

Regular consumption of Fiber intake reduces the risk of heart disease by decreasing cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Soluble Fiber does this by binding Cholesterol particles and prevents these particles from entering the bloodstream.

How To Add Fiber To Your Diet?

The easiest way to get the most fiber is by sticking to fiber fruits and vegetables. When it comes to fiber more is not necessary, it should be taken in a particular proportion. Myfy provides the perfect Fiber proportion a person should consume in their day-to-day diet.
Adding Fiber doesn't mean cutting down all food but, avoiding processed or refined foods is necessary.
This is how much Fiber is necessary for your daily diet. Fiber not only normalizes bowel movements but also helps control blood sugar levels. Studies suggest that increasing Fiber intake reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and all types of cancer.