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Does Fiber help you lose weight?

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Eating junk and maintaining body weights are like two different sides of the coin. It is very necessary to keep your appetite and weight in check. In order to achieve both, fiber plays a very important role. Fiber is super filling and wholesome. But do you know what fibers are?

Fibers are also known as Dietary Fibers, which are parts of plant-based foods that cannot be absorbed by our body and pass out of our digestive system relatively intact. Food components like fats, Carbohydrates and proteins are absorbed by our bodies leading to obesity, whereas fiber helps to maintain a healthy weight. And having Fiber-rich food leads to various health benefits as well.

There are two types of fibers:

Soluble Fiber: This fiber is soluble in water and reduces blood cholesterol and glucose levels. It slows digestion. This fiber helps in lowering the risks of heart diseases.
Insoluble Fiber : These are the hard fibers that increase the stool bulk and help the ones who struggle with irregular bowel movements. These fibers are to be consumed by people with constipation and irregular stool movements.
It helps in maintaining body weight by regulating the digestive system.

Here are some tips to maintain weight

Consume High Fiber Vegetables

Reducing weight is easier but maintaining the same is difficult. In order to maintain weight one should consume a healthy amount of vegetables included in their diet. To maintain body weight, having regular bowel movements is important as it discards all the unnecessary materials out of our body. Vegetables contain a very good amount of fiber normalizing the bowel moments. Myfy fiber is one such soluble fiber supplement that meets our daily fiber requirement and helps in maintaining a healthy and active life.

Eat Probiotic Food

Probiotic foods are like live bacteria that naturally live inside our bodies. It helps in fighting bad bacteria and keeps us healthy. Some studies have found that probiotics help in reducing weight and maintaining body immunity. It also helps in regulating our immune system and the imbalance of microbes.

Take care of your Gut Health

Our gut contains healthy bacteria which maintain our digestive system leading to general health. Consuming Myfy will help the body to absorb the right amount of nutrients and will reduce weight gain.

What is gut health?

When the food is broken down into simpler components with the help of digestion, the nutrition absorbed from the food then enters in the bloodstream. To run this process more smoothly and maintain healthy digestion refers to good gut health.

Cutting down bad trans Fat

Trans fat is the unhealthy Artificial Fat that has a negative effect on your body causing bad fats and various other health problems. In order to lose weight, you need to have control over the foods with high trans fat. To avoid trans fat, you should have more fiber fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods. Processed foods consist of high Trans fat whereas fiber on the other side has various health benefits. It will not only lead to healthy motion but will also guide you to good physical shape.

Having Fiber will Help you live longer

Having a balanced diet for maintaining weight is very important as it keeps all the health problems distant. Whereas the obese body stores all the unnecessary materials in the body and makes our body inactive to even perform daily tasks. The main drawback of an inactive body is obesity. On the contrary if the body is active it will reduce the risk of functional limitations of deadly cardiovascular diseases and all types of cancer.

Fiber helps in reducing Inflammation

Intake of fiber helps in the reduction of inflammation that damages the gut cell, also called the good bacteria of our body. If there is lower inflammation in the body it will reduce the risk of any long-term disease. The gut bacteria will not only fight the inflammations but any unnecessary bacteria that are stored in our body. So studies suggest that having the necessary amount of fiber will maintain our health as well as fight foreign bacteria entering our bodies.

But, suddenly adding a huge amount of high fiber can promote intestinal gas, abdominal bloating and cramping. To avoid all those problems you can use all in one solution Myfy which helps in adding proportionate amounts of fiber to your diet. Increasing fiber gradually over a week will give you unexpected results in maintaining your weight. In order to have long-term results, you need to have a lasting lifestyle change. Including Myfy fiber supplement in your daily diet will not only help with body weight but it also has various health benefits and will also fulfill your daily fiber intake.